About Us

DripRack is committed to bring the world class agriculture and irrigation products from across the world to our farming community in the USA. This includes products such as pumps, filters, lateral pipes, HDPE fittings, PVC and HDPE connections, brass and plastic impact sprinkler nozzles, online dripper, and flat drip tapes. 

We work directly with the producers who are producing with decades of manufacturing experience. Our products are quality tested to the highest standards. 

Some of our products include online drippers of various sizes and flow rates. These drippers are made with specialty machinery by highly skilled engineers. Many of our products are patented for design and process. 

We also import flat drip tapes for different applications.

We also import fittings and couplings made from HDPE and LLDPE materials.

We are currently working with our producers to develop state of the products such as screen filters and submersible pumps. We are looking forward to have these products ready for the US markets in the next few months.

Please email or give us a call and we will be glad to connect with to understand your specific requirements and see how we can of help.



DripRack, a California enterprise